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We know just how important good vision is to your well-being. Dr. Huang and the entire staff are committed to improving, restoring and maintaining your vision with everything from basic eye examinations to the most advanced surgical techniques. We would like to share testimonials from our patients.

We have had a professional relationship with Dr. Huang at the Washington Eye Clinic for approximately 10 years. My husband had two cataract surgeries with him that went well. A few years later during a routine exam, Dr. Huang noticed a serious change and referred him to a specialist who saw him within two hours. Dr. Huang also helped me get my high eye pressure under control with appropriate medication. Dr. Huang is very personable and shows interest in our needs and how we are doing. He gives us good health suggestions, and his staff is very helpful. We highly recommend Dr. Huang.

William and Mary Jane Stickel

Dr. Huang has been my ophthalmologist for many years. He is always professional and looks out for the best interests of his patients. I struggled with chronic dry eyes that can be so debilitating that I cannot open my eyes without discomfort. Dr. Huang not only prescribed the right medication but also took the time to counsel me on simple ways to help my condition. He is always checking up on me to see how I am doing. If you are looking for a caring, smart and empathetic ophthalmologist, then I strongly recommend Dr. Huang!

Helen Luong

My daughter-in-law suffers from glaucoma, optic damage, and serious myopia. After being treated unsuccessfully by two other ophthalmologists, she arranged an appointment with Dr. Huang, and I accompanied her on that original consultation. During the first visit we were deeply impressed when Dr. Huang spent over 90 minutes checking her eyes, explaining her condition, and answering all our questions. Because of his professional compassion and care, I have also become his patient. Under his treatment, her eye condition has stabilized in a short amount of time without requiring surgery, while my health and quality of life have improved due to better vision. Because of his medical expertise and high ethics, we find it more than worthwhile to travel an hour to see Dr. Huang for our quarterly examination. Dr. Huang is without a doubt the best eye specialist I have encountered. As a retired attorney-at-law and judge in Taiwan, I highly recommend Dr. Huang.

Mr. Tsai

I am a senior citizen with a history of ARMD(age-related macular degeneration), but thanks to the care of Dr. Huang, I now have perfect vision.

My first meeting with Dr. Huang occurred when I accompanied my husband for his regular eye exam, and I was so impressed with Dr. Huang’s patience and professionalism that I soon made an appointment for myself to see him.

During my initial visit, Dr. Huang discovered that I had a serious problem with cataracts and would need surgery to correct the problem. The surgery that followed went extremely well. My recovery time was minimal, and my vision greatly improved. But following a trip to China, Dr. Huang discovered my problem with ARMD and arranged for me to see an ARMD specialist.

Because of the skill Dr. Huang and his specialist colleague, my vision is much improved, and I cannot thank Dr. Huang enough. He has saved my sight not once but twice, and I will always be grateful to him.

Christin Li

Dr. Huang is very knowledgeable and does a phenomenal job as an eye physician & surgeon. He is very professional and his personable demeanor is to be commended. He puts you at ease with his caring attitude and his calmness by reassuring you in a manner that makes you comfortable and confident that you’re in good hands. Dr. Huang goes above and beyond by making sure we understand whatever procedure we are being provided with. This is why we have been going to Dr. Huang since 2008. We highly recommend Dr. Huang to everyone that wants the best quality treatment for your eyes!

Isabel and Richard Verdugo

I had severe cataract in both of my eyes before I was referred to see Dr. Huang. Dr. Huang’s profound expertise and excellent surgical skills restored the great vision that I once had. I can see very well now, and I no longer need glasses. After the cataract surgery, my quality of life has improved abundantly, and I am very happy to be active again. Dr. Huang is an honest, patient, kind and caring doctor who I recommend highly. I commend him on his honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Chao Luan Kuan

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